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Learning to Sew

One of my favorite things to do is to share my love of sewing.  I especially enjoy giving  private sewing/machine embroidery lessons and recently had the pleasure of spending some time with a mother and her daughter.

Chris Owens with her microwave bowl holder and Put a Cork in It bottle holder
Chris Owens with her finished microwave bowl holder and Put a Cork in It bottle bag

Last Monday night, Tracy Fries and her mother, Chris, took my Anna’s Apron class at the Quilt Crossing.

Tracy stated that she has all my patterns and has taken several of my classes and I thanked her for essentially being my first official sewing “groupie”.

After class, Tracy said her mother, Chris, is here for the holidays and she wondered if she could schedule some private sewing lessons for her during her stay.  I was pleased to do so.  On Thursday morning, Tracy, Chris and I met and after two hours, Chris had not only completed a microwave bowl holder, but also a Put-a-Cork in It Bottle bag.

Chris & Tracy
Chris and her daughter, Tracy

It was a very fun morning and I really enjoyed getting to know both of these ladies better.  They both did a great job on their aprons on Monday night and Chris now has a microwave bowl holder and bottle bag for holiday gifts.

Thanks again, Chris and Tracy!

If you have an interest in private lessons, please contact me via email at [email protected]

Happy Holiday Sewing!






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The Adventure Begins…

Welcome 2010…

We are off to a new year and I am starting a new experience – writing a blog.   I promised myself that I would begin this journey by Q2, 2010, and my time is running out… so here goes!

My goal in writing this blog is to share my passion for sewing.  I have been sewing since I was a child.  The first experience I can remember is when my grandmother, Magdalena Sveen, traced a table knife and spoon onto one of her dish towels and then patiently introduced me to hand embroidery.   I was delighted as the faint images began to reappear in living color as I followed her original tracings with my needle.  It was magical and I was hooked.  I often wonder if she had any idea of the seed she had planted?

Now that I knew how to use a needle, I continued to explore hand sewing, making crude outfits for my Barbie doll from various scraps of fabric.  Soon I was sewing on trims, buttons and snaps and was quite proud of my stylish creations (I still have that Barbie doll and will share some of these creations in a future blog).

My interest and passion really took off when I learned how to sew on a machine in a Home Economics class in junior high school.  Sewing was not only fun, but incredibly practical and economical.  It enabled me to create my own personal wardrobe and I reproduce fashions I saw in the stores and magazines.  They were not perfect, but I was pleased and proud to wear them.  Occasionally, I would create a stir with one of my creations and I inadvertently started a trend amongst my friends when I made a pair of Bermuda shorts out of decorator fabric, with a matching headscarf.  This idea was a real hit in junior high and many of my friends copied my idea and were wearing similar outfits (with different fabric, of course) – we all thought we were pretty cool in our colorful creations!

I loved to sew!  I made clothes not only for myself, but also for some of my sisters.  There were times when I would begin an outfit on a Saturday morning and finish it so I could wear it that evening.

During my first pregnancy, I sewed up a storm to prepare for our new little addition.  And, in those days, there were no “cute” maternity shops, so if you wanted something other than a modified tent, you really had to make it yourself.  When Alecia Dawn arrived, it was so much fun to make little outfits, blankets, etc., for her.  When it was time to move Alecia to her own room, I made new gingham curtains, with matching shades and painted her furniture to match.  She was so excited to move to her new room.

Alecia sitting in her new room

After Anna Marie was born, I continued to sew and many times the girls had matching outfits for Easter, Halloween, etc.

As my blog evolves, I hope to share ideas and patterns that you can use  and personalize.  That’s what I love about sewing, you can make your projects and apply your own personal style to arrive at an end result of something that is uniquely yours.

I’m looking forward to this new adventure and hope you’ll join me!

Sew on!  😉