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Our Flamenco Flier

Our daughter, Anna, uses aerial yoga as one of her means of keeping fit.  She has become quite an accomplished aerial artist and recently had a performance where she was a Flamenco dancer.  She asked me if I could make her a flamenco skirt to wear for part of her performance.   The timing of her request was perfect because it just so happened that on the cover of Vogue’s Pattern catalog was the ideal skirt for her performance.

Marv and Anna after Anna’s Flamenco performance

The style of the skirt was ideal because it was a wrap-around skirt that fastened on the right front side of the skirt, which made it easier for Anna to remove the skirt when she went up into the silks to perform her aerial performance.

The Vogue skirt pattern

Since the fully-lined, finished skirt had a total of 9 1/2 yards of satin in it, the weight of the skirt was significant.

In addition with the 3 tiers of flounce that were attached to the skirt added quite a bit of bulk as well.  The final skirt fit Anna like a glove and she was very pleased with the maneuverability of the style of the skirt.

Here are a few photos of her performance as well as some additional pictures of Anna in her costume.



Anna ready for her performance
Front view of Anna’s skirt


The three flounces of the skirt were cut on the bias.  This meant that there were no gathers in three tiers.  Since they were cut on the bias, I was able to ease each flounce in place, sewing one one on top of the other.  It was quite a remarkable pattern!



Anna getting ready to climb the silks with her skirt
You can see why the skirt was not an option in the air


Anna’s aerial routine was beautiful.  She gracefully flowed through her routine and made all her moves look effortless.  We were all in awe of her incredible strength and endurance as she went from one pose to another .


Anna opening up the silk
It was remarkable to watch

I’m afraid I would be in traction for some time if I attempted any of these moves.

Between her mountain climbing and aerial yoga, I think we have come up with a new nickname for her, our beautiful Aerial Anna Marie.


Our beautiful Aerial Anna Marie

Are you getting ready for the holidays?  What projects have you been working on.  Stay tuned for some fun holiday ideas in my next blog.

Happy Sewing!
































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