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TomatoHead meets Hermione and the Librarian for Halloween 2018


Belén as a Librarian
Eloise as Hermione from Harry Potter


Every year I so enjoy helping our grandkids create their Halloween costumes.  This year was no exception.




Sam as Tomatohead from Fortnite

The kids gave considerable thought to what they wanted to be this year.  Belén’s decided  to be a Librarian.  I was able to find and embroider a cute design on a little black knit dress that stated, “Just One More Chapter”.  I also found an adorable little pendant that was a stack of library books with an apple on top and a pair of lady bug earrings.  The last accessory item she wore was an old pair of my reading glasses (which I removed the lens from) and then she pulled back her hair in a bun and “Ta Da”, Belén, the librarian.

The little black dress with the cute design from Urban Threads
Close-up of embroidery design










Eloise had her heart set on being the heroine, Hermione, from Harry Potter.  I made her a satin-lined black suede cape.  I created an outline of the Hogwarts emblem on the outer front of the cape with glow-in-the-dark thread and embroidered a little t-shirt she could wear underneath her cape as well.  She was very pleased and immediately transformed to Hermione, right before our eyes!

The front of Eloise’s cape

Sam also asked if I could also help him with his costume.  He wanted to be a character from the video game, Fortnite Battle Royale, called TomatoHead.  This is a character I had never heard.

I used my embroidery software to digitize and recreate a face for TomatoHead, which I stitched to the front of a red pillow cover.

Sam ordered a red sweater vest online to which I added white bias strips to turn it into a striped vest.  Next, I appliquéd a felt piece of pizza to the front of his vest and the finishing sewing touch was creating and attaching a purple collar to the vest.  It was fun to see it come together.

TomatoHead’s appliquéd face
The completed vest









To complete the costume, Sam ordered a green leotard and pants and we were so amazed to see the final completed costume on Halloween.

Sam, as TomatoHead, with his friends on Halloween

Of course, we also got to see the girls Trick and Treating on Halloween and they were having a great time in their costumes as well.

Belén, her friend Emma, and Eloise, aka Hermione

I hope you had a wonderful Halloween and would love to hear about any costumes you helped to create.

Happy Stitching!


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