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Panel Pets

Sometimes you can make a few simple projects from pre-printed fabric panels.  It’s a fun, fast and easy way to share the joy of sewing as you make your own stuffed panel pets.

The girls loved their completed Panel Pets

A few months ago, the girls and I found an adorable panel that contained 4 sets of Mama animals and their babies.  Belén and Eloise asked if we could please sew them up one afternoon.

The panel contained 4 different sets of animals

Belén was especially eager to help and she started to cut out the various pattern pieces for each set of animals.

Belén was a big help cutting out the pattern pieces of the panel


Next, we paired the pieces right sides together and stitched them along the outer edge (as indicated on the panel).

Preparing the pieces

Then we made small clips inside the seam allowance and turned the various pet pieces right sides out and pressed the seams.  Belén was a big help with part of the process.

B turning the sewn pieces
Belén turning one of the calves right side out














Of course, Toby wanted to get in the act too.  After I gave him a quick bath to clean him up from his trip outside, he entertained us all, as you can see. He can be quite the little dancer with Belén.

Toby was a lot of help as well









Stitch by stitch, the panel pets began to take shape and the girls were excited.

Eloise was very excited to start playing with Mama Oink and her piglets









When we finished turning each of the animals to the right side, we stuffed them and sewed the seams shut.

Soon we we had finished a dozen panel pets and the girls spent the remainder of the day creating stories around their new panel pets as you can see.


Mama Baa and her lambs
Mama Cluck and Chicks









Belén holding Mama Moo and her calves

It really was a fast, easy and fun project to make with almost instant gratification.

Next time you are in a quilting store, check out their pre-printed panels and you may find your own little treasures.

What have you been sewing this month?  I’d love to hear about it.

Happy Sewing,



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