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Sam’s Birthday Request

I was pleased to have Sam request a “home-made” gift for his birthday this year.  He had noticed a Gumdrop Pillow that I made Belen and Eloise several years ago.  When we were at dinner one evening, he walked up to me and asked, “Could you please make me a suicide pillow for my birthday?”

Sam’s birthday present request – a “Suicide Pillow” aka Gumdrop Pillow

I was puzzled by what he meant and Alecia quickly chimed in to explain that what he really wanted was a Gumdrop pillow.  Apparently, when the girls got their pillow, they were still quite small and they would try to climb the round-shaped pillow and go sailing over the top of it; hence, it was nicknamed the Suicide Pillow.

The pattern can still be purchased from Amy Butler’s website.


I chuckled at the image of our grandchildren being propelled across the top of the pillow as it began to slowly roll and had never heard the nickname they had assigned it.

The Gumdrop Pillow can still be purchased at Amy Butler’s website.  I was pleased when a friend of mine still had her original pattern and once I traced my pieces, was excited to choose fabrics for Sam’s pillow.




Sam liked the large size pillow, so I prepared the pattern pieces and cut the various pieces required for the pillow.  It was fun to mix the prints.

After taping the pattern pieces together, I cut out each of the required pieces for the pillow.


Next, I embroidered a quote from J.K. Rowling, “Words are our most inexhaustible source of magic.”  Sam is in the process of reading the entire Harry Potter series and I thought he would enjoy this quote.

Stitching out the quote on the top piece of the pillow






The quote from J. K. Rowling on the top of the pillow

The pillow is made up of 8 sections.  Four sections were sewn together to form two halves.  Seams were pressed open and then the two halves were sewn together, which created the round shape for the Gum Drop pillow.  Of course, I had to sew a tag into one of the seams.

Sewing the 8 sections together, 4 at a time and then pressing open the seams.
Adding the tag







Bag was ready to stuff!
Front side of tag








Now it was time to stuff the pillow.  It took three 40 oz. bags of Ultra Plush Poly-fil to fill the Gum Drop Pillow and was quite the site to behold.

Now it was time to stuff the pillow.
Slowly, but surely the bag began to take shape.







The most fun part of the project was seeing Sam’s delight when he received his new Gumdrop pillow at his birthday celebration dinner.  He was genuinely pleased to add his pillow/ottoman to his bedroom decor.

Sam enjoying his new Gumdrop pillow

What projects have you been sewing this summer?  I would love to hear about them.

Happy Sewing!



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