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Kindergarten Quilt Rocks It!


Standing next to the finished quilt at the spring fundraiser
Standing next to the finished quilt at the spring fundraiser

Thanks to some very talented kindergarten students and their incredibly supportive parents, the Kindergarten Does Kindinsky quilt was a major success at last night’s fundraiser.

Item #22 - Kindergarten Does Kindinsky on the board
Item #22 – Kindergarten Does Kindinsky on the board

This was the 20th annual fund raising event for the elementary school.  Jack’s Urban Meeting Place (JUMP) was a great venue for the buffet dinner, silent, live and dessert auctions.

There were a lot of great projects the classes made that were auctioned off one by one.

Finally, Item #22 came up  on the board and the bidding began.

This was something I will never forget… Alecia made a few bids, but dropped out around $700 and the bidding kept on building… and building… and building… until the final bid was $ 4,000.  I was in shock… as the crowd applauded the successful bidder.

What a great finale for this fun project.  It was so nice that Alecia, Erica and I were there to see the final outcome and only wish Ann could have joined us as well.

As we were checking out after the event, I was informed that this quilt broke the record for the highest bid for an item in the 20 years of the school’s fund raiser.   As nice as that is, what I was most pleased about is the funds we raised.  They will help pay for the art teacher and art supplies, library and textbooks; computers, iPads and Chromebooks; professional development for teachers, accelerated reading programs; classroom supplies and playground equipment for the school and I was glad to be able to contribute.

What a great way to share the art of quilting!

Happy Sewing!



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