Finished Product

Tooth Fairy Pillow for Eloise

The finished tooth fairy pillow
The finished tooth fairy pillow

It’s always so much fun to be able to personalize a gift for someone special…

Last week when I joined our granddaughter, Eloise, for lunch at her school cafeteria, she showed me her “wiggly tooth”.  She asked if I would make her a tooth fairy pillow and when I agreed, I inquired what she would like to have on her pillow.  She thought a moment and then said a ballerina, which was a good choice because she loves her ballet classes.   After  several minutes had passed she added, “and a basketball” as she played her first season of Y basketball this winter and enjoyed it very much.

I multi-hooped this design using a large oval hoop for my Bernina 830
I multi-hooped this design using a large oval hoop for my Bernina 830

I had a ballerina embroidery design in mind, one that I had purchased from Urban Threads earlier this year.  After reviewing the design, I was certain it would be the perfect candidate for her pillow.  To simplify the ballerina, I removed the background from the original design in my embroidery software.  Next, I inserted a basketball design and reduced it to be the proper proportion to the ballerina.  My goal was to make it look as though the ballerina was shooting the basketball into the small pocket that was stitched onto the pillow for the tooth/money exchange.

To personalize the pillow, I  digitized Eloise’s  signature and placed it under the tooth pocket; I used a variegated lavender and purple thread because her favorite color is purple.

The finishing touch - Nana's label
The finishing touch – Nana’s label

The finishing touch was to add one of my “Nana Loves You” labels to the back of the pillow.

Later that afternoon, I delivered the pillow to my daughter (at her work) so that Eloise would be ready for the tooth fairy’s arrival when her “wiggly tooth” came out.

I got a phone call from Eloise in the evening and she was very pleased with her new tooth fairy pillow and anxious to use it for her “wiggly tooth”.

This rainy, spring weather has provided some perfect sewing days in the studio.  What projects have you been working on?  I would love to hear about them.

Happy Sewing!


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