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Matching Outfits for a 40th Anniversary Celebration

One of the things I enjoy most about sewing is having the ability to custom make something that is especially meaningful to the recipient(s).  It’s also nice to celebrate and recognize a special occasion by sewing something to commemorate that event.

Recently, our good friends, Ray and Eileen Hoobing, celebrated their 40th Wedding Anniversary.  Since they are the other set of grandparents (aka Grammy & Papa)  to our granddaughters, their children (our son-in-law, Andy, and his sisters, Chrissy and Erin) asked me if I could help them recognize their parents’ anniversary.  When they were children and their grandparents celebrated a milestone anniversary, each of the grandchildren wore t-shirts that commemorated the event.  They asked if I could help to do the same and this is the end result of our brainstorming.

Chrissy found matching t-shirts for Belén and Eloise and we came up with an idea that I designed in my embroidery software.   Next step was to line the design up so that it was placed properly on the t-shirt and embroider it, insuring the heart was positioned so it  was centered on the pocket.

I Love (Heart) Grammy & Papa
I Love (Heart) Grammy & Papa

Now it was time to come up with a matching skirt for the girls to wear.  We recently received some beautiful pre-ruffled fabric at the Quilt Crossing that I thought would make cute skirts.  Since the fabric is made of several rows of ruffles, it would also be a relatively quick way to complete their outfits.

Pre-ruffled fabric skirt
Pre-ruffled fabric skirt

After measuring how long to make the skirts, I simply cut away the backing fabric under the ruffle that was closest to my desired hemline.  What a quick and easy way to make a hem!  I then measured their waists and multiplied that number by 1.5 to determine how wide to cut their skirts.   Since my granddaughters are toddlers, I was able to cut the front and back of the skirts as one continuous piece, resulting in only one seam in the back, instead of 2 seamlines joining the front and the back pieces.  I pinned the two sides together, matching the ruffles and stitched a 1/2″ seam which was centered at the back of the skirts.   The next step was to sew two basting stitches 1/4″ from the top of the skirts and  3/8″ from the top of the skirts.

I used a coordinating 1″ wide pink elastic for the waistband and cut the elastic 1″ longer than their waist measurements and sewed the two ends of the elastic together with a 1/2″ seam allowance.

Matching Outfits for Belén and Eloise
Matching Outfits for Belén and Eloise

Once I turned the skirts inside out, I pinned the skirts to the wrong sides of the elastic waistbands.  I used a zigzag stitch to sew the the elastic to the skirts.  It’s important to use a zigzag stitch as it allows the skirt to stretch.  The final step was to remove the basting stitches used to gather the skirts.

Matching outfits for Grammy and Papa's 40th Anniversary
Matching outfits for Grammy and Papa’s 40th Anniversary

Presto!  Two cute outfits for two adorable little granddaughters.

Eloise and Belén with Aunt Chrissy
Eloise and Belén with Aunt Chrissy

The girls really had a good time in their matching outfits and enjoyed wearing them.  In fact, the next day, they both wanted to wear them again to their daycare.

My next blog is an update on my Christmas sewing, including hand-made dolls with miniature quilts, fun pillow cases and adorable Christmas dresses, so please stay tuned!

Hope you are enjoying the holidays.

Happy Sewing!







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