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B’s Big Girl Quilt Pattern Now Available!!!

When it was time for our granddaughter, Belén, to transition from the nursery to a new room, I volunteered to make her a quilt for her new bedroom.  Her Mom, Alecia, had purchased a darling rug for the room and I wanted to pull out some of the colors from that rug.

Monkey see, Monkey do… Belén imitating what she had just seen Nana do to measure the back of her quilt.

I also wanted to make it a colorful, but simple design, so I designed a strip quilt.  When I completed the quilt, I was encouraged by Patty, one of the owners of the Quilt Crossing, to publish a pattern and also to teach a class.  I agreed to do so and that is how my very first pattern, B’s Big Girl Quilt, came to be.

Picture of Quilt on Belén’s bed with matching pillowcase

I had the pattern available as a handout for students of my class, but had not yet finalized the graphics and final layout for distribution.   My students enjoyed making this quilt and it was so much fun to see the different looks they achieved by varying their color schemes.

Melanie Blair in class working on a quilt for her granddaughter

In December, my daughter, Alecia, and I were talking about the status of my pattern and she asked me to send her a copy of the draft, so she could review it.  We also set a deadline when I needed to deliver the finished product as I work better when I have a deadline.  I sent her the almost-completed pattern on the agreed upon date and we set up a time after Christmas to get together for final formatting.   What I didn’t know is that she passed this information along to her sister, Anna Marie, who had drawn my name for Christmas.  Anna then proceeded to work with my draft, along with some pictures Alecia took of the quilt, and finalized the format on her Mac to complete my very first pattern.  In addition, she set up an Etsy site as one means to distribute my patterns.  When I opened my gift, there was a lovely red portfolio.  Inside it contained:a draft copy of the pattern, a CD with all the final files, copies of information on my Etsy account all neatly filed behind tabs entitled “Etsy” and “B’s Big Girl Quilt”.  At first I was confused, then overwhelmed, amazed and so delighted!!!  What an amazing gift from an even more amazing daughter…

Red Portfolio with tabs, along with copy of the cover for my pattern

Once I had recovered from opening my gifts, Anna asked me to review the pattern and suggested we get together for final format changes, etc.  Yesterday, we met to do so, as well as train me a bit on Pages, a Mac word processing program that was used for this pattern.  We also updated a few things on my Etsy account, etc.

So today, I am pleased to announce the publication of my first pattern, B’s Big Girl Quilt.

It is a great pattern for a beginner to learn quilting or also a quick pattern for a more experienced seamstress.  The pattern includes instructions for both a twin and baby quilt.

If you are interested in purchasing the pattern, you can obtain it for $7.99 at my Etsy site by clicking on Etsy or you once you are on the Etsy site, simply type in “big girl quilt” as a search and it will come up, usually in the second row.   (It has been tested by students in two classes at Quilt Crossing, but I welcome any additional feedback you have.)

I hope you had a wonderful holiday.  Mine was very special this year and I’m overwhelmed by the thoughtfulness and work that went into my gifts.  The best gift of all though was spending time with my amazing family.

Happy 2012!!!

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  1. Dear Jane:
    Hi! Congratulations!!!!
    So happy for you. What a great gift and such a fun looking pattern. Yeah!!!
    Love you,

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