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Jessie is in the House…At least for Halloween

Halloween is such a fun time of year for the little kids and I particularly enjoy making our grandchildren’s costumes each year.  This year, our 2 1/2 year old granddaughter, Belén announced that she wanted to be Jessie, from Toy Story,  for Halloween.

I told her that I thought I could make her costume and she was excited. 

I began by looking at a toy Jessie doll to see what I would have to do to reproduce her costume in a Size 3 toddler version. 

Close-up of Jessie's shirt and belt
Details of Jessie's Chaps


My first step was a trip to Saver’s, a local thrift shop to find a small white shirt and pair of jeans for my foundation pieces for the costume.  I was delighted to find both my first visit and returned home to launder them so I could begin work on the costume.

The next thing I needed to determine was how I was going to make her chaps.  After spending some time searching the internet, I found a great tutorial for chaps at a blog called Sew a Straight Line.    I had the perfect cowhide fabric in my fabric stash and decided to make the waistband a brown color so it would look like a belt.  Then I digitized and embroidered a steer design onto some gold fabric that I made into the buckle for the belt and sewed it to the center of the front of the waistband.  I cut white fringe from a blackout curtain lining fabric and basted it to both sides of the chaps.  I also stitched brown piping along each side and across the front hems of each leg before sewing the side seams.  The piping trim helped to highlight the brown of the cowhide.

Close-up of Chaps I made for Jessie Costume

Now it was time to make the shirt.  Using the white shirt as my main reference, I sketched a pattern for the front yokes and cuffs of the shirt and cut it out of a bright yellow fabric.  Next I sketched where I wanted to position the red trim on both the yokes and cuffs and pinned the trim in place.  Then I carefully stitched the trim in place, removing the pins as the presser foot approached them. 

Stitching red trim onto the cuffs

I lined the front yoke and then sewed around the edges on the right side and attached it to the left side with a few large snaps.  This would enable Belén to get in and out of the shirt easily.  

I purchased an authentic “Jessie Hat” at a local coffee shop, but it was a little big for Belén, so I put a grommet on each side of her hat and laced a white cord through the holes.  On the end I put a cord lock so the hat could be easily adjusted to fit just right.  

Beléns first try-on of the complete outfit. She giggled the entire time.

Last but not least, I braided some rust colored yarn to make a long braid for Belén to wear under her hat.  Once I finished the braid, I made a yellow bow for it and then stitched it onto a strip of knit fabric that I made to fit Belén’s head size.  I thought this would work better than attaching the braid to the hat, as it would make the hat more cumbersome.   This worked really well and was very comfortable for Belén to wear as you can see in some of the attached pictures. 

The backside of the costume, showing the yarn
Trick and Treating at HP with Mommy, Daddy and Eloise
Belén with her best friend, Gracyn


Of course we can’t forget Miss Eloise.  She wore the lion costume I made for Belén’s first Halloween and looked adorable, don’t you agree?

The Queen of the Jungle, Miss Eloise

Since we are into December already, Santa’s workshop is in full swing.  I just wanted to share the Halloween fun from this year before I start writing about the holidays as I have been a bit behind on my blog.  What were you for Halloween this year?  Did you make any costumes.  As for me, I was a very happy Nana!

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