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A Helping Hand…

I always look forward to Monday morning when our granddaughter arrives at our doorstep to spend the day with Nana.  She is so much fun and always interested to be a part of my day.  It has been amazing to once again rediscover the world through her eyes.  Belén is very inquisitive and loves to “help” Nana with whatever I am doing.  She loves to watch me sew and a few yards of fabric will entertain her and her dollies.  We also cook together in the kitchen and when she sees I am making something, she’ll come in and ask to help.  Then the next word out of her mouth is “Apon” (for apron) and I fasten her little apron on and she is ready to be “Nana’s helper”.  I can’t think of a better way to spend the day.

Nana Jane with her helper, Belén

She is also a big helper at home, and I thought for Mother’s Day, it would be fun to make a personalized towel for her Mom, and my daughter, Alecia.  I traced Little B’s hand (not realizing I had created a game because now when she sees me holding a pen in my hand, she wants me to trace her hand again) and then she asked me to trace Nana’s hand too. 

Tracings of Belen's and Nana's hand

Later, when Belén was napping, I scanned the traced handprints and loaded them into my Bernina Designer Plus software.  Then I digitized Belén’s handprint and made it into an applique design.   I also added some text, “Mommy’s Helper, Belén” next to the handprint. 

Belen's digitized handprint in my Designer Plus Software

I chose a fun Kaffe Fassett print fabric for the appliqued handprint.  The handprint design consisted of:

a) Single stitch placement outline -I stitched this out first as it showed me where the fabric needed to be placed for the applique.

b) Tack down stitch – Next, I placed the fabric for the handprint on top of the placement outline and stitched a tack down stitch.  This is a single stitch that stitches on the edge of your applique handprint to hold it in place.

c) Satin stitch outline – The final step for the appliqued handprint was to do a satin stitch around the outside of the handprint to finish the applique.

Once the machine had stitched out the text, Mommy’s Helper, Belén, I added a bit of rick rack on the edge of the towel and my project was complete.

Finished "Mommy's Helper" towel

It was a fun project to make and Belén is so proud of “her” towel that she helped to make for Mommy.   She loves to place her handprint over the appliqued handprint and it just fits!   Her Mom, Alecia, liked the towel as well and it looks so cute in their kitchen.

Note:  If you don’t have an embroidery machine, you can still make a handprint towel.   One way to do it is:  a) trace the handprint onto paper backed fusible web; 2) iron the fusible web to fabric; 3) cut out the handprint; 4)fuse to background towel fabric; and 5) stitch around edge of handprint with a satin stitch.

Please let me know if you have any questions or would like further details on this project.

Happy Sewing!

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