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Sweet Eloise has arrived!!!

We are delighted to share that our new granddaughter, Eloise Mae Hoobing, was born on May 1 at 4:45 a.m.,  weighing 7 lbs., 12 oz. and measuring 21 3/4 inches.   We are so thankful that mother and granddaughter are both doing great!

Alecia and Eloise

While Mom, Dad and new baby were at the hospital, we had the pleasure of watching the newborn’s big sister, Belén, who turned two just last Thursday.  She was an absolutely delightful little house guest.  She seemed a bit uncertain about the new member of the family when we visited the hospital, but after a couple visits, I think she began to understand that her baby sister was now a part of the family. 

Belén and Daddy with Eloise

Yesterday, Belén and I decided to make a boppy pillow cover for her new baby sister.  The boppy pillow that Alecia had was covered with a cotton cover.  We thought it would be nice to have a softer minkee cover for Baby Eloise to lay on.  

In April, Alecia found a boppy cover pattern at a blog called Vanilla Joy.  I used the pattern (pieces 1-6), but instead of putting a zipper on the backside of the cover, as the author instructed, I put the zipper on the outside seam line.  I cut two identical pieces for the front and back side of the boppy cover and then put a 22″ zipper in the center of the back seamline.  This enables you to use both sides of the pillow cover to lay the baby on for support. 

Once I taped the pieces together, I cut two identical pieces for front and back of the cover.

Here’s a link to the Vanilla Joy blog that provides the pattern and more details on how to make the cover, with a zipper on the back side.  We appreciate the use of the pattern and great instructions.  You can decide which position you prefer to have the zipper in and plan accordingly.

The boppy pillow with the new minkee cover

Above is a picture of the completed cover and two very special people who will be using it. 

Happy sewing!

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