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Month 2 of Stitcher’s Garden Block A Month

March is Month 2 of the Stitcher’s Garden Block A Month that I started last month.  The design for this month consisted of a large sunflower with 4 corner block designs. 

Once again, you begin by quilting the background of the block first.  This month I used a serpentine stitch to quilt the background.  If you have a pattern begin feature on your sewing machine, use it when you start each line of stitching of your background as it will help to keep your stitches even.  It is a good idea to practice on an extra piece of fabric so you can adjust your stitches the way you want them to look before you stitch on your block.

Serpentine stitch in background

Once the background was complete, I fused the applique pieces for the sunflower onto the block and then stitched them with various decorative stitches.  It’s fun to experiment with the different stitches your machine has as you can really get creative and come up with some great variations of your decorative stitches to use on your applique pieces.

Close up of one of the corner blocks

The corner blocks are made by layering 2 circles of fabric and then cutting them into 4 equal pie shape pieces.  Next, you applique each pie shape piece into the corners of the quilt block, stitching in place with another decorative stitch.  

Completed Block for Month 2

Once done, stitch on the outside border and voila… your block is finished! 

It’s always fun to go to class and see what some of the other students have done.  I love to see how they interpreted the block.

The background stitch was a triple straight stitch
Look at the contrast achieved by using a black background
Another example of great fabrics and stitches

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