Trick or Treat??? Are you ready?

It’s hard to believe that October is only two days away and before you know it, we will have all those cute little ghosts and goblins at our doorstep.  I’m excited to start to plan Belén’s costume for this year.  My daughter, Alecia, (Belén’s Mom) mentioned that she was thinking about a duck as a cute costume because she loves to say “Quack, Quack” when singing the Farmer in the Dell.  She also thought the idea of a bee would be cute for our “Little B'”  so I need to do some checking at the local fabric stores and put my thinking cap on to see what is out there.  It will be alot of fun, whatever we end up making… I will keep you in the loop.

BTW, I must apologize for my lack of consistency on this blog.  I am the first to admit, I do not feel very confident blogging as there is so much I don’t know about the process.  But, my daughter has reassured me, “Mom, the best way to learn is to just do it!”  So, my friends, I hope you will bear with me as I sail through some unfamiliar territories and, hopefully, learn along the way.

So, back to Halloween…  a friend of mine forwarded on a very cute and useful link from Sew News today that I would like to share with you.  It has a link to various .pdf files that you can download to make some darling and easy masks that you can make for Halloween.  They really are adorable.. in fact, here are a few pics of some of the finished projects…  (Q:  I think it is it okay to post a pic from another source as long as you quote the source?)  If you would like to read the article and download the .pdf files, simply go to:

Halloween mask patterns

I think they are pretty cute and just may have to make up a few for fun.

Happy sewing!  😉

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