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In Everything Give Thanks

For Thanksgiving this year, I wanted to make a little something special that everyone could participate in and thought it would be fun to make a Family Thanksgiving Tree.

The finished tree with added leaves
The finished tree with added leaves

In the past, I had used a design from Embroidery Online called Heart Tree for a cover of one of my noteworthy notebooks.  This embroidery design is available on the website and stitches out beautifully.

Screenshot of the Heart Tree design

(Note:  If you own a Bernina 580, this design comes as a free embroidery design on your machine.)  I enlarged the design in my embroidery software so that it filled the center of a small framed bulletin board..

Using my large jumbo embroidery hoop, I chose to stitch the design on a large piece of cream colored felt.  I hooped a cutaway stabilizer and floated the felt to the stabilizer, securing the felt to the stabilizer with a few pins that were placed outside the stitch area of the design.

Stitching out the design
Stitching out the design

One of the fun features about this design is that you can easily alter the colors of the design by not only taking advantage of the thread changes called for in the design, but I also randomly added a few additional colors to give the tree a fall look.

I also added the text, “in everything give Thanks to the top of the design, varying the size of the top and second lines of text.

To make it easy to attach the leaves, I

centered the felt on a small bulletin board and used a few small appliqué pins to hold the felt in place.  I also used some remnants from a log cabin quilt I made last year and pinned the assorted strips around the edge of the felt to create a temporary border.

The next step was to cut out an assortment of blank leaves from some brown, orange, yellow and green construction paper. These were put in a small bowl with several pens.  Towards the end of our Thanksgiving meal, the bowl was passed around and everyone wrote something they were thankful for and the children and I pinned the leaves to the tree.

The children really enjoyed creating leaves for the tree and some made more than one.
The children really enjoyed creating leaves for the tree and some made more than one.

It really was a fun and relatively quick project to make and everyone enjoyed sharing something they were thankful for and we all agreed, we are so blessed.

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  If you made something for Thanksgiving, I would love to hear about it.

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